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Good morning and first off… Merry Christmas!

I know it’s been a strange, roller-coaster of a 2020 for you but nothing beats this time of year. So fire up that Chuck Berry, rip through the holiday classics, pour that IPA and enjoy this week. Sincerely hope you all have enjoyed this first month at Go Long and I cannot thank you enough for subscribing to this newsletter publication, signing up to the free email list and/or reading however and wherever you are.

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It all means the world.

I’m reaching you here today to let you know that we’re entering a new phase at Go Long. Our free trial period has wrapped up and I believe you’ll love what’s in store.

If that free email list is your thing, great. I appreciate you reading and considering a subscription. We’ll still be opening up stories, occasionally, for all to read to give you a sense of what’s happening inside. But subscribe today — or gift a subscription if you’re doing some last-minute Christmas shopping! — and here is what you’ll receive right in your email inbox and at GoLongTD.com:

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·      Zoom Happy Hours. Each week, let’s fire up a Zoom call together, drink some beer and talk some football. (Imagine everyone will be a little busy with Christmas this Friday, but pencil the Zooms in for each Friday after. Details to come.)

·      Discussion threads. A staple for others on our Substack platform, we’ll bring this to Go Long. Subscribers can interact with each other on set topics every week.

Miss any of our debut features? To get a sense of what to expect at Go Long, here’s our two-part look at Josh Allen and how the Buffalo Bills got to this point, the genius of the Green Bay Packers’ plan and Mike Zimmer’s Vikings at a crossroad. We’ll continue to bring you as close as possible to the NFL chatting with the likes of Jared Goff, Allen Robinson and Andy Janovich through a uniquely longform lens. Delivering enterprising journalism around this game is the mission.

Starting with The Thread on Tuesday AM, this week, here are a handful of the questions we’ll be answering at Go Long HQ up to the playoffs…

Who is the secret to the Buffalo Bills winning the Super Bowl in 2021? (We talk to that secret.) Is DK Metcalf human? (Debatable.) Which rookie, this month, just changed everything we thought about the AFC? (That rookie tells Go Long how he got out of the doghouse to make this possible, too.) What makes the Pittsburgh Steelers Linebacker so violent and so different than any other player in the sport decade after decade? (Their current ass-kicker explains.) And is Lamar 3.0 better than ever or have defenses figured him out? (Experts weigh in.)

I cannot wait to see our community keep growing and would be honored and grateful if you took this journey with us.

Merry Christmas to everyone and, please, never hesitate to reach me with any questions or comments at golongtd@gmail.com or @TyDunne on Twitter.

Thank You!