Episode 1: Patrick Mahomes, the Buffalo Bills and the 2017 NFL Draft

The "Go Long Podcast with Dunne & Monos" kicks off with an extended conversation on the draft that set the course for the modern NFL. (And Doug Whaley joins us!)

Good morning, everyone! Our podcast is officially here and I think you all will really enjoy Episode No. 1.

As I mentioned last weekend, the idea for this all started while reporting on our Josh Allen two-part series. The more former Bills personnel director Jim Monos and I chatted about that ‘17 NFL Draft, about how close the Bills were to landing Patrick Mahomes, the more one story led to another… and another… and another from this draft to that draft to this player to that player and we decided this would all make one hell of a podcast.

You’ll hear stories you’ve never heard before in our podcast which will include a weekly appearance from former Bills GM Doug Whaley as well.

In Episode No. 1, Monos and Whaley — in great detail — take listeners through exactly what went down in 2017 from Jim Tressel turning down their interview request (to stay loyal to Youngstown State) to why they couldn’t get on board with owner Terry Pegula (who obviously loved Mahomes) to the morning both were fired (it was raining).

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Thanks, all!