Coming this week: The "Go Long Podcast with Dunne & Monos"

How’s it going, everyone?

I’ve been getting a ton of questions from readers asking when Go Long will enter the podcast universe. Now that we’re rollin’ in print, I figured it’s the perfect time to share the news here.

Coming this week, is the Go Long Podcast with myself and Jim Monos.

You might recognize Monos’ name from our debut series at Go Long on all the pressure facing Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. You bet that’s him. Monos was the director of player personnel under GM Doug Whaley with the Bills from June 2013 through May 2017… right up to that moment the Bills were oh-so-freaking-close to drafting Patrick Mahomes. The genesis for this podcast was simple. As we picked apart that ‘17 draft over a few brewskis at a local watering hole, we just found ourselves talking… and talking… and talking… about all things NFL.

It was a riot. I wish we had a mic with us right then.

And at one point, Jim brought it up himself: “Hey, why don’t we do a podcast?”

So here we are. Jim has more too-good-to-be-true stories from his scouting days with the Bills, New Orleans Saints (2005-2013) and Philadelphia Eagles (2001-2004) than we’ll ever have time for, and I’ll share stories from the reporting trail. The goal is to be as transparent as possible, to discuss this game in a fresh, unique way. We’ll meet up here at “Go Long HQ,” crack open a beer or two and just share all these stories with you to give you a sense of what really happens in this league.

You can count on Whaley being a regular guest, via Zoom. We’ll also be bringing on current and former players, too. (To the WNY locals, we’ll be sure to work in Bills talk, too.)

Be on the lookout for our debut podcast Thursday AM. You can listen to the podcast here at or download episodes on Apple, Spotify, wherever you get your pods. First up? Jim will take us all even deeper on what went down in that Mahomes draft. (The man must explain himself!)

Thanks everyone. We could not be more psyched for this.