Podcast: Are Josh Allen's Bills ready to dethrone Patrick Mahomes' Chiefs?

We check in with Matt Miller of TheDraftScout.com to get the lowdown on the Chiefs and, of course, we take another look back at the 2017 NFL Draft that set everything into motion.

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They meet again.

It’s Buffalo. It’s Kansas City.

It’s Josh Allen. It’s Patrick Mahomes.

We should probably get used to this matchup for a long time in the AFC. As you all read here when we launched Go Long, the trajectories of these Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs were set into motion on April 27, 2017. The owner of the Bills, Terry Pegula, loved Mahomes long before anyone else did, but refused to pull a Jerry Jones that day.

He let Sean McDermott do his thing. McDermott wasn’t ready to get behind a rookie QB.

The team’s consolation prize sure hasn’t been half-bad. Allen is now one of the richest players in NFL history.

After a rocky Week 1, Allen has sped back into 2020 form against subpar defenses… is he now ready to take down the 2019 Super Bowl MVP? Jim Monos, the director of personnel in Buffalo back in ‘17, relives that draft again. And to get a perspective on the Chiefs, we welcome on Matt Miller of TheDraftScout.com, an excellent site here on the Substack platform. Miller knows how the Chiefs operate as well as anyone.

Of course, we have to talk a little Sammy Watkins, too.

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