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A conversation with Joey Mulinaro... America's Cool Uncle

A conversation with Joey Mulinaro... America's Cool Uncle

The comedian and impressionist is a treat, and likely visiting a city near you.

There’s a very good chance Joey Mulinaro has organically worked his way into your life online. He’s one of the rare humans making social media a fun place.

Maybe it was his Modern Seinfeld sketch on “The Big Game” or “The Accidental Like.”

Maybe you caught one of his impressions — Saban & Belichick, Cris Collinsworth, Mel Kiper Jr., Mike McDaniel, Patrick Mahomes, Gus Johnson, Colin Cowherd or, most recently, his 15 impressions on Catlin Clark in 100 seconds.

He’s always making people laugh with his pal, Benedict. Here the two are in peak form.

Well, Joey does stand-up, too. And there’s a good chance he’ll be performing in a city near you.

This coming Wednesday, April 17, he’ll be performing at Helium Comedy Club in Buffalo, N.Y. You can secure a ticket here. He’ll also be at the Meyer Theatre in Green Bay, Wisc., on May 16 and a handful of cities in-between.

Here on the podcast, we chat about Joey’s meteoric rise — and how he balances it all with two kiddos. We discuss the timeless greatness of Seinfeld, his favorite all-time episode, the art of rattling off obscure NFL names and… he saves his best for last. Joey Mulinaro goes full Mahomes if Mahomes was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 2017.

In addition to the audio and video above, you can also access the podcast on Apple, Spotify and YouTube.

This was a riot.

Thanks for listening and sharing, everyone. If you live in WNY, hope to see you on Wednesday. Keep up with everyone Joey Mulinaro’s up to on X or his website.


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