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What a fun year it's been and we promise: We're only getting started.
Sunday's 41-15 loss was the worst loss of Sean McDermott's tenure as the Bills' head coach. This is a team getting shoved around weekly. We explain how…
Our Go Long crew reconvenes for a new round of 2021 NFL predictions. Can Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson break through? Did Green Bay weather the storm?
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The counterpunch in 2021 is to unleash a running game. That's good for the sport... and that's also great news in Green Bay and New England.
What an insane Week 9 in the NFL. We try to make sense of it all, from Josh Allen's dud in Jacksonville to Mike McCarthy's blowout loss in Dallas to...…
The Green Bay Packers quarterback misled everyone. This is not a shock.
What a win this was for New Orleans over the defending champs. It doesn't matter who's playing quarterback here. Plus, Josh Allen turns it on again in …
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